一个独特的 领导 机会
     现在开放了 加州的 中央山谷

West Hills 社区 大学 区 Board of Trustees and Chancellor, Kristin Clark, have launched a search for the next President of 森林舞会莱摩尔学院.

Over the last five years the 大学 has achieved the following:

  • 成立了23,000平方英尺的学生会
  • 再次获得ACCJC的认可
  • Was recognized for advanced work in accelerated remediation
  • Acquired numerous grants and gained national recognition as one of the leading institutions in Open Educational Resources and Zero Textbook Cost 度
  • Was named an Achieving the Dream Leader 大学 and then a Leader 大学 of Distinction 第二年上大学
  • 阿斯彭社区大学100强获奖者
  • 创建了一个独特的大学品牌lemoore is More
  • Developed plans for a new Instructional Building and a Final Project Plan (FPP) for 职业和技术教育大楼 
  • Implemented holistic case management and assigned all faculty and staff as retention 教练
  • 成立了社会公正和公平工作组
  • 实施最先进的高弹性教室
  • Received a generous donation from philanthropist McKenzie Scott


森林舞会莱摩尔学院 is part of the two-college, West Hills 社区 大学 服务于圣华金河谷中部的地区. 它主要是农村和我们的 学生多样化,分布在不同的地区.



Mr. 詹姆斯·普雷斯顿 has been committed to education in the central valley for the past 27 years and is currently serving as the Interim President at 森林舞会莱摩尔学院. For the past decade he has been an educational administrator in the roles of Vice President of Educational 服务 and Dean of Educational 服务 where he led several 项目包括:

  • 创新院系专业发展
  • 战略登记管理
  • Program and curriculum support that serves the community and prioritizes student transfer 和职业优先级通过引导路径
  • 领导 in the development of Open Educational Resources (OER) and Zero-Textbook 学位及证书
  • 认证联络官

在成为行政管理人员之前,Mr. 普雷斯顿教了11年英语 Education classes at the community college level and working with future educators. Additionally, he spent six years at the high school level as an English teacher, curriculum 专家和教练. 他有个M.A. 弗雷斯诺太平洋大学教育学专业 a B.A. in English from the University of California Santa Barbara.

Dr. 塔米·罗宾逊
Dr. 塔米·罗宾逊

Dr. 塔米·罗宾逊 serves as the Vice President of Instruction at Cañada 大学 in 加州雷德伍德城. 在此之前,她曾担任全球学院院长 Learning Programs and 服务 and Dean for Social Science and Creative Arts at Skyline 加州圣布鲁诺大学.  Dr. 罗宾逊有超过二十年的经验 作为社区学院的管理者和教师. 她还担任临时总统 Vice President of Academic 服务 服务/Athletic Director/CIO at Lassen 社区 加州苏珊维尔的一所大学. She was also the Department Chair of English/ESL/Linguistics Department at Los Angeles City 大学 in Los Angeles California. 

Dr. 塔米·罗宾逊 holds a Doctorate in Education with an emphasis in 社区 大学 Administration from the University of Southern California, a Master of Arts degree in English with an emphasis in Rhetoric and Composition from California State University, Dominguez Hills, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of California, Los Angeles and an Associate of Arts degree in Social Science from 喜瑞大学.

Dr. 詹妮弗Zellet
Dr. 詹妮弗Zellet

Dr. 詹妮弗Zellet serves as the Vice President of Instruction at Modesto Junior 大学. In her 23-year career in Higher Education, she has worked in public and private, 2年制和4年制院校. 从英语教师开始,她获得了协会会员资格. 教授 status at Rochester 大学 in Rochester Hills, MI before becoming the Dean of the 艺术与科学学院. 回到加州的家后,她开始在莫德斯托工作 Junior 大学 as English 教师 gaining tenure before transitioning to Dean of Business, Behavioral and Social Sciences, then Vice President of Instruction. 在澳门, she has worked successfully with faculty and classified professionals to implement Guided Pathways, expand Dual Enrollment, and organize an Online 大学.  

澳门赛马会校园外,博士. Zellet作为社区成员积极参与其中 莫德斯托扶轮社(MORO). 她是MORO国际服务的联合主席 Committee, serves on the board of the SCOE 领导 Academy, and as a member of 商业发展委员会.  Dr. 泽利特一直是 ACCCA for 8 years, serving the Great Deans Program, ADMIN001 content development team, 也是ACCCA的导师. Dr. 泽利特还在加州服役了3年 社区 大学s Chief Instructional Officers board as Region 5 Representative (2 年),现在作为总统当选人. 

Dr. Zellet has an earned PhD in English and an MLitt (Master of Letters) in Scottish and Irish 研究, both from the University of Aberdeen, in Aberdeen, Scotland. 在 both degrees, she was affiliated with the Research Institute of Irish and Scottish 研究. 在加州中央谷出生并长大的Dr. Zellet的研究 and career have taken her to both east and west coasts, the Midwest, and overseas.  


We are seeking a visionary and forward-thinking president of 森林舞会莱摩尔学院, committed to a 21st century comprehensive community college mission.  新领导人 of the 大学 must have a track record of demonstrated, culturally competent leadership skills necessary to carry on the institution’s tradition of outstanding service to the economically and ethnically diverse region and rural communities that comprise 学院服务区. 学院所在的地区有着悠久的历史和悠久的历史 many cultures of California, and while also at the forefront of the future economic 国家的活力.


  • We hold in high regard our professional working relationships with faculty, classified 教职员工、学生和我们的社区.
  • We view our diverse community as an asset and encourage diversity in our workforce.
  • We strive to remain in the very strong fiscal condition for which our 区 is 已知的.
  • 我们在社区内得到了强有力的支持.
  • We are comfortable using technology in performing our daily tasks.
  • 我们生活、吃饭、呼吸都是学生的成功.
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For additional information, nominations, and confidential inquiries, please contact
将Lewallen, Ph值.D.,猎头顾问


(559) 934-2159 or beckycazares@whccd.edu

West Hills 社区 大学 区 is an equal opportunity employer and encourages 来自不同背景的候选人申请.